Secondary sources are work that has been based on primary (or other secondary) sources. Materials Needed: Importance of Primary Sources Video, Primary Sources Handout, Activity Handout, Group Roles, Laptops, Internet, and Projector. %���� ]�n�����-� $&@�8�]������MV[�����q@Q0��(�Qk_�J�j�{T-l�~���$f�[%v�4� ��^LQ����,d[�/��"��}�WS��'ؠ5y Ȩ���74�4�4���v����n��՜��)x��BDǎ���_a���;o�(#��**���������OǕk'-[W ��V�����Kx�ü�Ȭ2#-]0?L��]�V�\���Lb�P'�_��� z��1q��"6!�V�jkD�X#�ωDz�?C�_��Sy��'�Y�k��}�2.��4�ɉ"^̍�˄a�~��rP��~b� Understanding Primary and Secondary Sources Elementary School Lesson Plan Overview This quick lesson is designed to teach students how to distinguish between primary and secondary sources. sources. <>/ExtGState<>/XObject<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 26 0 R 27 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> 4 0 obj They are “second-hand, published accounts… because they are created after primary sources and they often use or talk about primary sources”. They are They will then be given the chance to identify primary and secondary sources and, finally, to practice conducting research to find a primary and secondary source. endobj stream 2 0 obj Determine if the source would be a Primary Source(P) or a secondary Source(S). 1 0 obj Secondary sources help students place their topics—and their primary source research—in historical context. novels would be primary sources with regards to the author but could be considered secondary sources with regards to the accounts of historical figures, such as Te Kooti and Titokowaru, that he draws on. Examples of secondary sources include: textbooks, biographies, newspaper Identifying Primary and Secondary Sources Math Name: Answers 1. Answer Key 1-10 93 87 80 73 67 60 53 47 40 33 11-15 27 20 13 7 0 • A Primary Source is information that was created at the same time as an event or by a person w� ��C�{��������?�%�)%K6�@�6�s��i�e�\co���@����3x!m3zR��\ �g�$�+�`�g%Mμ��a���#��`�L��h�S��0X3 ��a���I�"�4�FR��~�����G�W��Jkuvk�߂���?�u���1HQ�$>&'t��O(n����6��{�a�j�Z�-�&���t�b�l�/���7��s>����&*2p��}���]&�˿Gasd�j�! Secondary Sources . 3 0 obj <> As a class, students will explore examples, and employ critical thinking skills to determine whether specific sources are primary or secondary. endobj <> <>>> Secondary sources “are analytical works that comment on and interpret other works such as primary sources”. %PDF-1.5 5h��5Mζ�aP�G�L���?�6N���D����6&l�V����LY�tX �+�1��¤=^DW����L��P����~ Similar to primary sources, secondary sources vary in form and may include articles, books, and interviews with experts, for example. endobj x��3�'ɭ)W�k�l��&���!��D��آF�3����� H� $ʖ�n�����h�x�j�]^���䧟^��ng�j�|}y^�����~]��4�\�f�e�:=M^�}��>����,a*-ur~��K2����T�$��4�/7 ��,O.o�?˒Kz*����ϾN�鿒�z�^�~�H�n7_'�O��T���{2=)'g˿b=,��Er��,c������Q�% y�2j�qz��dQM�d5=ѓ���,�'|rq���su9U����,o�'r2��Wx7��Er�睊��k|�Z�w9�zR�m���m�4�Yʵϔ�0� ��YƸ��r�׌ï$/�M����KV(�� 2U:�e��E�$�^��}�3���c�����PH���Lz� 2�f*�E�|���ݯo���{]o���>,��'t�X������e��(/W��I>�Ll673�� �v�Ю���2A����e�m�'�Y�� �y�B��C'�:C�Z4MVn{HHGj�u�O�g��1��:%&��~ �q!��6L쵭8�ZÄ��~���۠��]�yK~�aT��D��L0ry����Y�@�_&��Q5��XXІ�aE@�G ߾�2>I~����J��T��T���S���лj3��s�t����`o�F-�A����3x���?xH�5A���LE���`�LK�ö�8���,x�E����O�p��i�#�=,�wȦ� .�3`2��1��.�hd�b�V�х�J\�>��E+���C\�Ͳ�X|6s��nz� / ��T��t���Ǘ�(RV���~�k��(uY�R��5�{����T�*.�9*�7�ˊ��m�|޳

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