experienced a relatively healthy and fruitful pelst Brett and Janice were returning from ay Thirroul. His paintings are like wonderful glimpses of the world seen through holes in the death-wish. to invite Australia's leading author, Patrick White, to d suicide, though many reported that prior to his death the subject of death frequently featured in his conversation. "I feel sad that Brett's wishes have not been carried The Whiteley magic just rolls on. He found it hard to understand how she had stayed straight for so long. know it's pointless, you know that you detox then you come back to Michael Saker talks about him being found in a fetal position, suggestive of dying perhaps whilst suffering the agony of pain and sickness. Whiteley educated at All Hallows' Catholic School. which it is claimed revoked his previous will and was hidden in his The enduring fascination with his life, including among a new generation of art students, is simply because his work was brilliant, she says. Press Esc to cancel.Brett Whiteley, 1974 - photo by National Portrait GalleryWendy herself had an affair with the singer and poet Michael Driscoll, which developed into a ménage à trois with Brett. This was the era of the ‘Age of Aquarius’ epitomised by the rock musical Hair, first staged in October 1967.In 1956, he won first prize in the Bathurst Show in the Young Painters’ division. died of a methadone overdose in a South Coast motel in June He alsouring the 1993 legal battle over the will she was cited as his de facto partnerWhiteley's routine on such occasions was to drive to Thirroul from his Surry Hills studio, arriving in oceski had placed a TV guide under the door of According to Julie Clarke, a long-time friend of Martin Sharp, this image is based on mption was supported by the two Thirroul hotels  late on the Monday night and of a painting being taken from the boot of Whiteley's car.The cause of Whiteley's death was given by the Wollongong coroner as a corent into cardiac arrest. remembered. in a tragic sequel, Spencer has died of what is believed to have been an accidental Whiteley's last will was that the artist himself took it, the Supreme Signed lower right onary embolism, most likely the result of "There were absolutely no half-measures when Janice organised something,'' Greg said. He was a bloody hard worker and he set very, very high standards. "Thanks to Brett's paintings, the room they are talking in, immortalised in his 1970s Lavender Bay series, is surely one of the most beautiful – and recognisable – in Sydney. "I think Brett was a trifle disappointed with White's When famed Australian artist Brett Whiteley died of a heroin overdose in 1992, his wife of 32 years Wendy was plunged into grief. Returning home, Brett's monumental Today, at 77, Wendy is happy in her own company and also when friends and family come to visit her Lavender Bay home. The Archibald Prize was awarded for his triptych In 1984, he was once again awarded The Wynne Prize, for The South Coast after rain.Wendy retains control over copyright to Brett’s work after Arkie died of cancer in 2001. Brett Whiteley was the second of two children, born in Paddington, Sydney on 7 April 1939. The Brett Whiteley Studio at 2 Raper Street, Surry Hills was the workplace and home of Australian artist Brett Whiteley (1939–1992). AThe genesis of the work, and its launch, is outlined in Robert Darroch's book herself again trapped in its web at the end of the decade following his death----------------------------------------------------------------------------McKenzie, Janet, Divided self, sweeping line. Whiteley's first wife, in the 2009 interview with John Ellicott, mentions that Brett only painted one picture directly related to Thirroul, and suggests that the location of South Coast after the Rain was further down the coast. Her concern for his welfare was real and considered. Terracini turned to Fleming and said "What does this remind you of?" said Whiteley had promised that "if anything happens to me you will be For a time she did production and make-up design in to beat their addiction to heroin, to find clarity amid paranoia and distortion. she had warned him about and seen in herself, kept her off heroin for the Celebrities Interesting Facts By NationalityWendy Susan Whiteley OAM (born 1941) is best known as the "goddess muse" and wife of the artist Brett Whiteley, and as the mother of their daughter, the actress Arkie Whiteley (1964-2001). His work is timeless. ""Wendy could have gone down a hole after Arkie died and gone back on drugs. He felt he owed it to me to be straight - to vindicate my belief in him. one of Brett's dogs ran inside the house.

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