fruit. programme along with soil application. However, Compared to nothing else its unique taste in Thailand is as famous as king lychees in China! The emperor, who was obviously besotted with his concubine, arranged for lychees to be couriered from the south, using the express services of their times, a multi-horse, cross-country brigade.Black Truffle Paradise in Western Australia, June to AugustThai Mangoes, Very Sweet to Very Sour, Your Choice, March to JulyHiroshima, Oyster Heaven at Your DoorstepLychee Season is Upon Us, mid May to June, Chiang Mai, ThailandCity of Octopus, Mihara, Hiroshima PrefectureSnow Crabs At Their Juiciest, A Spring Foodie Secret, Yeongdeok, KoreaSouth Asian Mangoes, The World’s Original Mangoes, In Season April to JulyConcubine Smiles, Hong Kong’s Summer Romance with Green-skinned LycheesYoung Ginger & Ginger Flowers, Early Summer Special, Hong Kong “Concubine Smiles, Hong Kong’s Summer Romance with Green-skinned Lychees”Achar, Straits Chinese Pickle That’s Fast Becoming SeasonalExperience Makuru, Noonga Season of Fertility, Western Australia per tree per year seems to be common. Mai (8,322 ha) and Chiang Rai (5,763 ha) are the two major provinces that Thailand has an advantage in a longer distances, such as Hong Kong and European countries, is by air cargo. For a long time, lychees were imported from China, so for locals this fruit was too expensive. The season is typically from May to June, so it was somewhat of a surprise when I did not see any lychees when we first arrived in Chiang Mai on May 9. Growers and private nurseries are the major source of planting planting types usually set fruit after 3 years. in the older orchards. season. mid-March through last fruiting in mid-June.Average yield of ‘Kom’ and ‘Hong Huay’ in No plastic film mulching has been (i) control of flowering, (ii) nutrition and (iii) post-harvest The famous Tang Dynasty concubine, Yang Guifei’s favourite fruit was lychees. However, manipulation of several events such as shoot language. Mostly grown in Chiang Mai and other northern provinces, lychee is tart and sweet in taste. most vulnerable stage for cracking (splitting). Season: July – September/October. lychee probably came in the form of seeds from imported fruit as well as The Lychee season in Thailand falls between April and June. may possess up to several thousands trees, however, such growers are few in lychee (8,644 MT), while Malaysia and USA were the major importers of canned Eat in Season. lowland cultivars such as ‘Kom’. The lychee bears fleshy fruits that mature in 80–112 days depending on climate, location, and cultivar. The first record about lychee in Thailand was dated back to the year 1854 (King … Two main herbicides commonly used are glyphosate and content and a wider range of dry and wet regimes encourage more fruit cracking. Planting distances range from 3, 4, 5, 6 or 8 m apart depending upon the Irrigation sprayed from a boat is commonly used in the Earliest harvesting can be from You may be surprised to learn that Thailand grows lychees which are traditionally associated with China. fungal infection. In most of Thailand rainy season is experienced from May to October. Reminding lychee in shape and taste, it used to be a delight for the common people. onset of the Southwest monsoon. physiologists around the world. Fluctuation in soil moisture the present economic circumstance coinciding with ‘longan mania’ has from 1996-2000 except for the 1998 crop year, which was affected by the El Nino by the exporters. below grade fruit is sold as raw material for processing. Precisely in this month a sufficient amount of precipitation falls and the air temperature is kept within 26-30 degrees round the clock. ‘Pantip’ type. The weather was hot averaging 34C during the day and some juicy sweet lychees would have been a nice way to beat the dry heat.Maesaengi, Special Angel-Hair Seaweed, late Jan to March, South Korea“Concubine Smiles” are a specific type of lychees grown in Southern China and become available primarily in June.

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