Tequila can interact with practically every piece of scenery in a level. You need a javascript enabled browser to watch videos. Once you get past the point where the difficulty gears up, you'll actually have to use those different abilities smartly to survive some sequences. If there's a rail nearby, you can run up or slide down it. "We have situations and actions in the game that happened in the hospital scene in the movie, but we're not using the actual environment, smiles Alexander Offerman, the game's producer. It's tough to do, though once you get the hang of it, it's also quite amusing to watch Tequila dart from enemy to enemy while dodging bullets and unleashing hot-leaded hits of his own. There's nothing remotely realistic about the game's guns, mind you, though that's arguably a good thing in the context of this game. Whether you're in a gaudy Hong Kong casino, a lavish penthouse, or a cold, sterile-looking history museum, it's great fun to destroy the scenery. Download the Stranglehold Map Pack now! It is sort of weird that the sequel to a classic Hong Kong action flick would be entirely in English instead of Cantonese, but considering the audience, it's also not really surprising. You can jump onto it and roll around the area, blasting everyone silly. This video has an invalid file format. "You'll prolwbly pick up on some of these while playing the game. Tequila will also journey to Chicago, however, when the Russian mafia kidnap his favourite ex-wife and ignite his s o-mo indignation.For example, there's a museum complete with a T-Rex skeleton you can break into many, many individual fossils; and a Diplodocus whose ancient neck you can slide down while shooting a variety of Asian men in the face with a shotgun. The Map Pack adds even more action and excitement to Stranglehold, the experience GameSpy called “a must for action fans.” There are no refunds for this item. Gain access to 10 new Achievements, with 250 additional Gamerscore, 10 new multiplayer maps and 21 new characters. Take on the role of Inspector Tequila from John Woo’s influential action film, Hard Boiled starring Chow Yun-Fat. If you run up to a table, you can choose to slide right over it, or kick it over and use it as a temporary cover point. Little of what Stranglehold does ever feels like it operates outside of expected boundaries, and the few things that are original aren't necessarily amazing enough to hold up the entire game. Stranglehold isn't the sort of game that's going to set the shooter genre on fire. Though the game refers to it as "Tequila Time," this is really just the bullet-time mechanic from Max Payne given a fancy makeover. It's not that the gameplay isn't fun, because it is. It's not that it's completely awful or anything, but it feels very tacked-on. Even if the games were identical, the ability to play as Tequila' Yuen from Hard Boiled (this is, after all, the official sequel to that Hong Kong action classic) would make it the more viable option for purchase. Granted, it's a silly contrivance to have only one enemy at a time firing at you; if there are five guys, why don't they all shoot at once? On the less positive side, character models are overly shiny and not especially detailed, animations are limited, and the camera periodically gets in the way of the action when it snaps to angles that are hardly beneficial to your survival. One example is the accurate-shot ability, which lets you move a targeting reticle in slo-mo to any part of an enemy's body, and then watch the bullet fly directly to its target. Using both analog sticks on the controller, you have to simultaneously dodge enemy gunfire and move a targeting reticle over enemies to take them out one by one. If you run up to a wall, you can dash up it and dive even further than usual. In fact, for much of the game, you can get away with just diving around like a crazy person over and over again, periodically ducking for cover for a second or two, and busting out with the occasional Tequila bomb for good measure. GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. Pulling off stylish moves throughout the game fills up a meter that lets you trigger one of four different "Tequila bombs." It's a short ride, but an amusing one while it lasts. That's a good thing, because the early portions of the game are a bit of a cakewalk at times, even while you're still feeling out all your different abilities. These special abilities are all useful, though some more so than others. Likewise, enemies are usually smart enough to run up and start shooting if you stay in one place for too long. can't we also expect a bit of slo-mo shootery and innocent-patient massacre in a hospital?In addition, there are a variety of markets, each selling the sorts of produce that look good when shot in half (watermelons, pig carcasses, electrical goods and the like).Well, OK - but if Yun-Fat doesn't a) get a big old bandage over his left eye; and b) have one or two needless clarinet solos, then we're getting out our angry sticks...The game plays like a more console-y version of The Chinese Lantern and Chinese wrong-doer seen here suggest a Hong Kong locale. Yun-Fat occasionally dead-reads a few of his lines, but in general he sells the character as well as he can while speaking English. Enemies come flying out of every nook and cranny of each stage, and always with guns blazing. There's also a big room of ancient Chinese terracotta statues you can duck and dive around as well (perhaps not quite appreciating that they're over 2,000 years old and priceless).Whenever a game features dual-pistols, whether it likes it or not it's a direct homage to John Woo. The voice acting is quite solid overall. Essentially, it seems like you can't go into slo-mo unless you and your opponents all have a full Tequila time meter.

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