It sounds like they have found 18Mbps is your current upload peak. Find the right nbn home internet plan for you today. NBN 12: 12/1 Mbps: N/A: Individuals. I'm sorry to hear that your new NBN service isn't hitting the mark. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Upload speeds are terrible between 0.2 and 1.5.  speed tier. NBN dropouts are far too often (as compared to previous ADSL2 config) and the Upload Speed is appalling. On-Demand Webinar: How Poly and Microsoft are Embracing Future Work Environments FTTN, FTTB, FTTP or HFC-NBN? At present, Optus is setting the bar in terms of the level of detail it is providing around NBN speeds.“These speeds labels are determined by speed tests conducted in line with the guidelines provided by the ACCC. … My customers will be pensioners before they receive my data. I am an OPTUS Small Business customer. Got a news tip for our journalists? The additional Premium Evening Speed tier, which was introduced in early 2020 — the NBN 100/20 speed tier — is offered by some providers as a replacement to NBN 100/40, so keep this in mind if you’re comparing NBN 100 plans. All RSPs are required to conduct these tests.”Government Digital Transformation Requires Customer Obsession Home Superfast: Home Ultrafast: Standard Plus Evening Speed: Premium Evening Speed--44Mbps Typical Busy Period Download Speed^ 80Mbps Typical Busy Period Download Speed^ 215Mbps Typical Busy Period Download Speed^ 250Mbps Typical Busy Period Download Speed^ 15Mbps Typical Busy Period Upload Speed: 18.5Mbps So right now I've just connected my router straight to the NBN Box. Any extra information you can offer would really help us out. Speed tier Max download/upload speeds Average speed during busy hours* Who and what is it good for? That appears to be a very bad decision. I've heard of nbn releasing a 100/20Mbps speed option to RSPs, but I've not been advised of such changes to my service.Been on Optus nbn HFC on the nbn100 speed tier since November 2017. FTTC is generally quite capable of 300/100 speeds. What download speeds are others getting? Been on Optus nbn HFC on the nbn100 speed tier since November 2017. NBN dropouts are far too often (as compared to previous ADSL2 config) and the Upload Speed is appalling. If you like to stream videos and music, or keep up with your favourite TV or movies online, this Speed Pack can give you the boost you … For more on NBN speed pack, click That appears to be a very bad decision. It's no tangerine dream but the rose coloured reality of a 4G wireless broadband plan with a 1000GB data plan for less than $100 per month. Download speed is ok at about 47. nbn HFC | nbn100 upload speed drop? Optus should run some diagnostics to confirm your fault. You must be a registered member of NBN Co and biggest carriers to jointly tackle telco congestion All rights reserved. NBN Upload SPeed Appalling Speed Pack 3+ ¥ Speed Pack 5 #¥ Speed Pack 6 #¥ NBN50/20: NBN100/20. Hi I am on Optus NBN 50/30 package. Recently uptook the NBN option over ADSL2+.Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.Optus Support keep kicking me off with "we are aware some customers are experiencing difficulties..." when ever I try and get through to support.View your usage, get billing support and much more with the My Optus app, download it You also have the option of upgrading to 50/20, or 100/40 Mbps. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [IBM Webinar] - Scaling IT operations: Multicloud management and AIOps for a resilient businessNBN Co is pushing RSPs to provide accurate line speed data measurements to end users. NBN 25 NBN 50 NBN 100; Typical Speed Range: 5 - 24Mbps: 40 - 100Mbps: 20 - 25Mbps: 40 - 50Mbps: 80 - 100Mbps: Maximum Speed: 24Mbps: 100Mbps: 25Mbps: 50Mbps: 100Mbps: Maximum Upload Speed: 2.5Mbps: 5Mbps: 5Mbps: 20Mbps: 40Mbps Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test from Ookla [On-demand Webinar]: Intelligent Trade Finance using AI and Watson DiscoveryA Migration Guide For Businesses Switching Mobile Device Management Solutions The $80.00 broadband plan gives you access to the 25/5 Mbps by default. $69.90 per month gets you an NBN 100 plan with unlimited data for your first six months. 3 hours for 500MB? This fault might be in your equipment, Optus settings or the NBN. By The easiest way to increase your Optus NBN speed is by buying a Speed Boost, which takes your NBN connection up to the highest possible speed – nearly 100 Mbps down and 40 Mbps up, which is more than enough for multiple 4K video streams, downloads and more. I am an OPTUS Small Business customer. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in any form without prior authorisation. it says it should not be the one to releaseSome indicated they were moving more cautiously, measuring how different types of changes to wording and transparency were being received by prospective new users.

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