Would it still taste the same? I am lazy so I use salted butter and then don’t sprinkle salt on top. Its a challenge — it took me 19 minutes when working alone. Remove from heat and cool individually on a cooling rack. I scour the internet every spring for something fantastic to put in my Pesach repertoire. Can’t wait to try it.25. The other matzo memory I have from way back when is of me standing at the stove next to my dad, watching him make matzo brei. Who knew matzoh could be sexy?89. I’ve been making this for years and it was always such a mess to deal with. Even at Walmart they only had the giant $10 bags of pecans. We’ll never say no to onions or more butter! Enjoy!I just talked to my aunt, and there was also a wee bit of salt in the recipe for matzoh. Then enter your email address for our weekly newsletter.38. Doing a Zoom Seder and want everyone to enjoy at the same time.This looks fabulous. I literally used whatever was in the cupboard which made 2 kinds. I’ve been using sunflower or pumpkin seeds in place. Loved it! ?Since my first batch these have become a family favorite. One typical thing my mother does every year is to top matzah with melted butter (a few seconds in the microwave usually does the trick) and then a cinnamon sugar topping. Always works. I recall really liking it, and I realize now that I never asked her how she made it. Sweet, salty, crunchy. https://www.onceuponachef.com/recipes/chocolate-toffee-matzo-crack.html Loaded with your favorite bruschetta toppings, whether plain old My Dad’s Nothing-but-Crispy-Little-Pieces Matzo BreiWash and dry chicken pieces. added vanilla near the end of toffee cooking. All in all, still very good and it gets gobbled up. Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous recipes with us on Seasonal Celebration- I love your blog and am delighted you chose to link up with us- thank you! Not just for holiday’s.This one is going on my Passover menu this year. Following the directions exactly as written produced a kettle cooked potato chip like consistency instead of the familiar crisp-flaky matzo. Neither my husband nor I are doing wheat. Much superior to pareve choc. or will the matzo get soggy?Can I use toasted almonds instead of pecans? Thank you! I have boxes of that so wanted to use it but am wondering if the recipe needs the extra salt.Definitely Chris- it will still taste great!hi, in response to “bummer” there is no “waiting”. Our grocery trips are all about “stuff to put on matzoh.” Butter is a must, as are flavored cream cheeses, good jellies and jams, leftover charoset, and pretty much anything spreadable. Love your clear directions. Schmear it with creamy peanut butter, which is less likely to break the matzoh than chunky, then slice bananas on top, and drizzle with a bit of honey. Spring means asparagus and rhubarb and the magnificent morel, but it’s not truly spring in my kitchen until I’m brushing the season’s first matzoh crumbs from my table. Love it! to 58. With traditional matzo brei, the best part was always the crispy outside. But since they don’t have to rise it shouldn’t be difficult. Glad you liked it!Hi Joanna, Yes, no problem to make ahead and freeze.Originally created by cookbook author Marcy Goldman of Thanks for posting this! It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to get a mixture of tender and crispy pieces. I’ve made this dessert so many times and never had that problem. Thoroughly poke with a fork. It’s like his signature recipe. Did I let them chill too long? and 95. They don’t call it “bread of affliction” for nothing! Eat with enormous happiness.Thanks so much, Louise. He mentioned a few days ago that he could eat his weight in this dessert! I follow the recipe to a T. Help! Cool on cooling rack. Just make sure they’re unsalted. (If you neglect this part, the crackers will rise like pitas, and will not get crispy).

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