1. Providing students with physical manipulatives during learning enables them to visualize their learning in a 3D space.Montessori argued that children learn best when placed in resource rich environments and left to explore. If there are 5 stations around the room, the teacher will create 5 groups.Sociocultural Theory: Students learn through social interaction with a more knowledgeable other (see: Lev Vygotsky).Social Constructivism: Social constructivists believe teachers have a role in helping students to build knowledge in their minds. Have students move around the classroom taking notes on the mystery which will reveal an answer after thorough investigation.Storytelling in the classroom involves teaching through narrative-style stories rather than Read aloud is a strategy that involves the teacher reading a text out loud to students. Another example may be periods of time for a history exam: the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s. It requires them to gather, analyze and sort facts before they present them to an audience.The sixty second strategy involves having students review one another’s work in three steps which take 60 seconds each. A case study should show how an issue or theory looks in real life. The quiz can be formative or summative. What’s the meaning of your profession? Visual aids can have both cognitive benefits (see: cognitive tools) and engagement benefits.A silent conversation is a way of getting students to communicate without having them speak up in front of the class. The Education Alliance at Brown University cites the…Here are a few teaching strategies that are a staple in most classrooms. This involves splitting a page into two columns.At the end of the lesson, the third column can be filled-in: (L) What I learned in the lesson. then this post is for you. It is useful following the viewing of a short film or reading a book about a topic that seems bizarre or a fact that is counterintuitive.The column on the right is the note taking column. Students know it is part of the game and not a punishment designed to distress the student.A KWL chart is a type of graphic organizer that can be used throughout the course of a lesson to help students keep track of their learning.Critical theory: The barometer could be paired with critical theory if students critique assumptions in society with a focus on the perspectives of marginalized groups.The column on the left is a ‘Cue’ column. The benefits of students sitting in a circle include:Getting students to debate an idea is a great way of getting them to build coherent and logical arguments in defence of a position. Pavlov, a famous behaviorist found that he could teach his dog through repetitively associating a bell with food. Formative assessments can take place at one point in a unit of work or regularly throughout a lesson.Use newspaper clippings to link topics and theories to current affairs. Graphic organizers can be used for any lesson, to structure writing, brainstorming, planning, problem solving, or decision making. They get to see others’ viewpoints which may help each student build upon or challenge their existing views.Predicting involves asking students to make predictions or ‘guestimates’ before a study is undertaken. #HipHopEd is also a Twitter chat where educators convene every Tuesday night at 9 p.m. EST to discuss this approach to teaching. There are many group role types to be found online. Then, the pairs join up with another pair to create a group of four. His job is to encourage, suggest adjustments and be the support network for the player.For this strategy, have students come up with a headline for the lesson as if they’re a journalist reporting on the issue at hand. A strategic pause is a gap between statements to let a point sink in or linger, or to give students a moment to think about an answer before the teacher moves on.A lesson that is too hard will disengage a student who just won’t be able to do the task.Cognitive tools are educational technologies designed to promote thinking beyond what a student can do without the technology. This column is larger and allows space to add detail and diagrams explaining the ‘cues’ that were written on the left in more detail.A poster presentation is a great way to demonstrate knowledge at the end of a lesson or unit of work.

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