We had a man walk into our salon identifing himself as a visa representative. So, now I'm not only being charged by Pivotal Payments for their payment terminal services; I am also being charged for NLS's cancellation fee, and the terminal for that same company that we have already returned the terminal machine to. If you have a complaint or would like to share your experience to help protect other potential victims of this unethical company, please post away! 2) File a complaint to Delaware Secretary of State where they are Incorporated. What am I supposed to do? We even make each processor sign a legal agreement forbidding cancellation fees, requiring Recently, we helped Tom save quite a bit on his business’s I only have 4 months remaining of my 3 year contract. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I have never signed a contract with Pivotal Payments. That’s their MO. For example, if a processor is making $300 a month on a business’s processing volume, and the business cancels its processing agreement ten months before the terms expires, the business will owe the processor $3,000 based on liquidated damages.I can’t believe there is no class action suit against this company. Pivotal Payments Settlement Chase Total Business Checking® Promotions: $300 Bonus Offer CouponSimple Review: Earn Up to 0.80% APY (Available Nationwide)Best Brokerage Bonuses & Investment Promotions – September 2020California Dura-Loc Roof Panels Class Action LawsuitWelspun Egyptian Pima Cotton Class Action Lawsuit (Up to $9.20 Per Product)Realogy Background Check Class Action Lawsuit (~$50)HSBC Bank Promotions: $200, $240, $450, $600, $2,000 Checking Bonuses for September 16, 2020Ally Invest Promotions September 2020: Up to $3,500 Bonus Cash + Free TradesCredit Card Bonuses & Promotions – September 17, 2020Pivotal Payments Telemarketing Calls Claim FormBest Bank Rates & Savings Accounts For September 2020If you received a telemarketing call to your cell phone on behalf of Pivotal Payments between April 15, 2016, up to and including September 2, 2016, you may be eligible for a potential award from the Huntington Bank Promotions: $150, $200, $400, $500, $750 Checking Bonuses for September 17, 2020Pivotal Payments Telemarketing Calls Class Action LawsuitChase You Invest Promotions: $200, $350, $725 Bonus September 2020Chase Freedom Unlimited Card $200 Bonus + Up to 5% Cash BackChase Premier Plus Checking Account $300 Bonus Offer Coupon (Available Nationwide) We have received three phone calls from them demanding $3,445.07 that they claim that we owe them. Pivotal Payments waits along time (5-6 months to withdraw the money when your guard is down.) Reply. Pivotal Payments has 2 file numbers with the corporations division, include both as follows: 3622360 and 3945780. of Justice. I have an associate who eventually got a contract copy of his contract, and it is not his signature. The goal is to find not just any hot deal, it is to find the best deal possible relevant to others. Their salesman assured me it was “not a contract”, now a year and a half later they withdrew $2870.00 from my account for early termination fees. Me too. Then when I call Redpayments to see what happened they said that I don’t make enough transactions to warrant them covering the fee. No thanks.Our goal here at CardFellow is to help businesses find the best I would like to know how to get on to the Class Action Suit, since Redpayments is a deceptive company. So I can get a free terminal for a deposit price depending on which terminal I want and just to do one charge a month to keep it active. Tom told me his dealings with Pivotal Payments are finally winding down.I have been trying to cancel my account with Pivotal Payments for 3 months. I dealt with the same issues of trying to cancel my service. !Pivotal Payments is the biggest rip off / scam artist out there. If it was we would gladly tell you. Time is of the essence. Maybe they are class members with severe limitations…Paying bills also gives me a rash. The contract term renews every three years, indefinitely. Did checks to your suppliers bounce because Pivotal Payments sat on your money collecting interest while your business started to crumble? All consuming nightmare while you had to run your business with a smile? I have had multiple issues in the past, so I wanted to be sure that this time we were ready to go before I called. The first LAWSUIT has been filed I noticed. Pivotal Payments waits along time (5-6 months to withdraw the money when your guard is down. Do not sign with Pivotal Payments.I’m happy to report that Tom is now paying about 40% less with his new processor than he was paying. With their auto renewing contract and unholy early termination fees. I wouldn’t mind if there was a single cancellation fee, but they told me I have to pay for 5 years. He did not give me a copy of my contract, so I have called the company to get a copy. The company is focused on improving its clients’ payment processing methods, resulting in 100% satisfaction. Melville, New York Pivotal Payments was the credit card processor for a small business that we owned and operated. I got scammed into signing up by a sales guy, and now it is a nightmare. Nobody has a clue what is going on in customer service. The new processor got him up and running quickly with no problems. 0 Votes. 1. I got taken by them, and the sales representative lied to me from the get go. So since I am not doing any charges on it don’t even think about anything.

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