So retrieving Afghan National Army soldiers wait for updates during runoff elections at Forward Operating Base Gamberi, Laghman Province, Afghanistan, June 14, 2014 (U.S. Army/Dixie Rae Liwanag)In an increasingly complex world with a wide range of collection targets, we must take advantage of not only our own intelligence assets but those of our foreign partners as well. By extension, OBP can afford analysts more time for higher orders of analysis while reducing how long it takes to understand how new data relate to existing knowledge. What does DIAP stand for? IC ITE will significantly enable and make easier a number of cross-agency analytic modernization efforts, such as object-based production (OBP).Against the backdrop of this complex operational environment, the volume, velocity, and variety of data continue to grow at a dramatic pace.To build the levels of professional trust and skills needed for this degree of sophisticated collaboration, DIA is making strategic investments in training, education, and professional development. This potential allied strength should be leveraged through delineating analytic areas on which we can be interdependent. In the 21CIO, ODNI, “REST Service Encoding Specifications for Security Markings,” In the future, an analyst will begin the day at both the operational and strategic levels by reviewing automated aggregated data and deciphering anomalies to instantaneously begin interacting with key strategic, operational, and tactical colleagues. We have graduated two foundational Professional Analyst Career Education classes for new DIA analysts who received extensive formal training in their first 6 months. Moreover, the concept could expand to cover all teams in a professional baseball league or other professional sports or abstract concepts that include people, places, or things.This IC ITE capability perfectly complements OBP’s data-conditioning standards to “atomize” data. Hence, OBP is not a tool or a technology, but a deliberate way of doing business.International Law & National Security LawBuilding on these M&S-based analyses for the combatant commands, MSIC is leading development of the next generation of integrated analysis capability. The real art of such leadership is to identify the key elements that will change the organizational culture and to work to operationalize those elements.Steve Lohr, “For Big-Data Scientists, ‘Janitor Work’ Is Key Hurdle to Insights,” This interdependence requires a high level of trust and mutual commitment between the United States and its intelligence partners, as well as the acceptance of some risk in those areas and the loss of the expert knowledge that comes with the day-to-day focus on them. In the digital era, traditional databases that contain foundational military intelligence – the sum total of what the nation knows about adversaries’ capabilities, tactics and military doctrine – are insufficient. This method of receiving data forced the all-source analyst to hunt for and gath… When analysts can see the shared knowledge, collaboration with allied partners becomes easier.The crux of this inefficiency is the onset of large electronic data sets that have created challenges for analysts in how they retrieve, mine, and amalgamate information to glean key insights. Examples: NFL, NASA, PSP, HIPAA. The common cloud-based data architecture will reconcile single-source, multi-source, and all-source collection and analysis in near real time. Perhaps not since the end of World War II have so many pockets of instability and change confronted the Intelligence Community (IC). Events or activities (such as games) and the objects associated with them could also be described in this object-centric data construct.

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