The Older Persons Day Centre at Heathlands, Wildridings was shown as a Primary School, while the Police Station was in fact the Council Offices in external views. I'd love to hear from you..."Hi Tom I am a Master at Milton Abbey and we have had Five film units filming here at Milton Abbey School or close by. I appeared in it for all of five seconds, as I was on my bicycle. Farnborough airport's futuristic terminal building was used and so were the military barracks in Aldershot, which doubled for Siberia.A row of shops was created on the church car park and a pub was built near the Millpond, it didn't serve beer though, much to the disappointment of villagers and cast alike. For example, have you ever wondered where the University is that Tommy goes to in the beginning of the movie? "What about Shoreham Airport? I lived at Braunston famous for the canal system Northants. This film has very fond memories, my late father was the organist at the church for many years. I was one of the German soldiers in a scene that the audience were convinced was shot in Oslo in the middle of a freezing winter. And our local cathedrals are accustomed to Hollywood rolling into town. in a film " Running Scared " The 2 stars stayed in the local pub in Braunston. "Many stars from stage and screen lived on the Beach in what was known as Bungalow Town. The village of Mapledurham near Reading "moved" to North Norfolk to be the scene of an audacious attempt by German paratroopers disguised as Polish soldiers to capture Winston Churchill. I would love to see the film if it was completed." )we have one of the Ripping Yarns programmes ( with boys used as extras being 'crucified' in Main Quad. ""Hi Tom. Cast Jack Warner,Michael Medwin, Gordon Harker.I remember this film very well in the 1970s when first viewed at the time living in Crowthorne. It has been used as test areas for scences in 007 the world is not enough envolving fast boats and luxury sunseekers. If you are lucky you might even find the engine, that was used in the crash, buried in the field. The scene where 007 is captured and released on a bridge in north Korea was also filmed here in a near by quarry pit in the woods. Seeing Stowe House draped in swastikas with a huge burning pyre in the foreground surrounded by groups of Nazis, SS and Brown Shirted boy brigades marching to and fro was a vision not to be missed. A film by Arnold Ridley of Dad's Army fame was made in and around here in the 1920's called the ghost train. He starred with his then wife .....? the progress film company had a studio here because of the perfect lighting conditions. He meets up with his old sweetheart.You can probably guess the rest. Tommy is to be seen hang gliding from the only remaining gate house tower. "Cockleshell Heroes was filmed round and about Eastney and Portsmouth. Mill Pond was still a dry valley close by to the 'School'"Whilst attending Clayesmore School in the quaint village of Iwerne Minster near Blandford in the early eighties, I have to make you aware of the filming of one of the funniest scenes of the classic hit 'Only Fools and Horses'. The cult classic “Tommy Boy” starring Chris Farley & David Spade was filmed on location in Toronto and Ontario with additional scenes done in the United States. ""Godalming & Shere in Surrey was used in the film The Holiday with Cameron Diaz, Kate Winslit, Jude Lew & Jack Black. Yes No. Warblington Church is next door to the castle and it is here that my father is buried. Location Crowthorne Berkshire. It was unbelievable how much was shipped in for a few minutes footage in the finished film.Throughout filming, the Trotters Yellow Robin Reliant could be seen flitting around the village with Nicholas Lyndhurst and David Jason (messres Del Boy and Rodney) happy to share a laugh and a joke with the local pupils...  Ah what great times!! My shot was taken just a bit further up from where he is standing here. My fabulous hairdresser was an extra (blink and he was gone!) Following on from the Eagle Has Landed, I was fortunate enough to be on hand when the film was being shot at Mapledurham.The station house is still standing in private ownership. The film, directed by Peter Segal and written by Bonnie Turner and Terry Turner, stars Chris Farley, David Spade, Bo Derek and Brian Dennehy. This is the long gone Pound’s Scrapyard, which stood on Twyford Avenue, by Alexandra Park. Thank you for all the support and tips. "Shoreham beach or bungalow town was hailed as the UK's hollywood in the early 1920's and most of the hollywood stars including i believe charlie chaplin lived here at some time. Chris Farley and David Spade? Many years ago I travelled up to Stowe House (Stowe School/Landscape Gardens part of the National Trust)near Buckingham (my hometown) in my lovely old Renault 4 to watch the BOOK BURNING SCENE from Indiana Jones LAST CRUSADE being filmed. Many changes had taken place in the twenty years from 1954 to the seventies but many landmarks filmed survived.

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