"Syrian theatre explores male-female relationships | The Power of Culture""Theatre in Morocco and the Postcolonial Turn | Textures"https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Experimental_theatre_in_the_Arab_world&oldid=936011760"Center of Dramatic Arts and Scenic Medenine - National Festival of Experimental Theatre"In the late 20th century, Arab theatre had a strong will to break with Western forms as a way to reject European colonialist practices. "A History of Theatre in Africa" p. 60In some countries of the region, especially in Amine, K. (2006). UNESCO Courier, Vol. But the language spoken by the troupe on the sparsely decorated stage in the small municipal theatre was Arabic, not Swedish. Established in 2007 as the Arabic Theatre Working Group, ATWG exists to broaden international understanding of the theatre and performance cultures of the ‘Arabo- Islamic World.’ In 2009, the group voted to retain the appellation ‘Arabic’ in recognition of the historically unifying role of the Arabic language. "Theatre, Facilitation, and Nation Formation in the Balkans and Middle East" p. 106"Lina Saneh : "Troubler les évidences en 33 Tours et quelques secondes" - 66e Festival d'Avignon / Théâtre / Facebook / Liban / Entretien - RFI"- STAR TOO is an experimental theatre project based in Dubai. In a theatre in Stockholm's suburbs, a small crowd gathered to watch three actors, two Syrian and one Swedish, act out the lives of a young migrant couple settling into life in Sweden. 50, Issue 11, p. 28- Leish Troupe is one of the few independent and experimental theatre groups in Syria.Lebanese film-maker and theatre director The Middle East has been the most enthusiastic and avant-gardiste experimental theatre in the Arab world. This recognition notwithstanding, the group is neither meant to be exclusive nor to promote any nationalist or religion-based agenda. Call For Papers - Arabic Theatre Working GroupFind ATWG’s Discussion Group on Facebook at:Conference 2021: Theatre Ecologies: Environment, Sustainability and Politics20 January, 2015 Rather, it seeks to maintain its scholarly mission by holding up its key definitional terms to ongoing critical scrutiny. However, both the operative adjectives Arab and Islamic should be understood here to demarcate, primarily, a general cultural area of scholarly exploration and negotiation. 12. The last three years or so have seen the ATWG addressing many of the same concerns in the context of analyzing the response of Arab theatre and performance practices to the so-called "Arab Spring". Based on Carlson, M. (2012). Many artists, from North Africa to the Middle East, started favouring gatherings of the audience in a circle, a halqa, instead of Western proscenium theatre arrangement. The narrator chooses a subject which is usually historical or religious and starts improvising praise mainly using colloquial Arabic.- ImproBeirut was founded in March 2008 by director Investigations of material from the many non-Arab and non-Muslim communities located within the Arab/Muslim world are welcomed by the group. In exceptional circumstances, and subject to the availability of appropriate translation arrangements, the group may consider accommodating participants who are unable to deliver their papers in English.17 December, 2015 1-8Two prominent Palestinian actors, Edward Muallem and Iman Aoun established the Categories of experimental theatre in the Arab world"Ashtar › for Theatre Productions and Training"Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike LicenseRubin, D. (2000). The performances take place in public spaces amidst spectators who form a halqa (circle) around the storyteller. "Theatre in the Arab World: A Difficult Birth". Mission Statement (Revised and Approved by Membership in Dec. 2009) Established in 2007 as the Arabic Theatre Working Group, ATWG exists to broaden international understanding of the theatre and performance cultures of the ‘Arabo- Islamic World.’ "Performing Orphanage Experience: Applied Theatre Practice in a Refugee Camp in Jordan" Applied Theatre Researcher/IDEA Journal, 12, pp. Experimental theatre in the Arab world emerged in the post-colonial era as a fusion of Western theatrical traditions with local performance cultures such as music and dance. https://profiles.stanford.edu/samer-al-saber?tab=bioIn honour of IFTR’s longtime member, Hazem Azmy, who unexpectedly passed away during the July 2018 World Congress in Belgrade, the IFTR established this fund to continue the passionate advocacy of student representation within IFTR for which Hazem is so fondly remembered. combined a giant projector box, shadow puppet theatre and a 360 degree experience for the audience.Skeiker, F. F. (2011). The Arabic-Hebrew Theatre in Jaffa is one of a kind – and a thorn in the side of the Israeli government. Donations are collected via this platform: Call For Papers - Arabic Theatre Working Group It mainly started in the early-90s with the Contrarily to typical experimental drama whose audience is rather an intellectual élite, experimental theatre in the Maghreb is more popular and reaches wider audiences. Given the fast morphing realities in many parts of the Arab region, the topic remains far from being exhausted; if anything, many of the key terms that appear to have once defined it are now increasingly open to ongoing scrutiny and rethinking." "The birth of modern Arab theatre". http://anglistik1.phil-fak.uni-koeln.de/sarahyoussef.htmlSubjects can be drawn from all areas of theatre activity as well as from performance work that lies outside the traditional European concept of theatre.

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